Review: Team Sky Parcel Delivery Service

Team Sky Van
Credit: HannesHeyn | CC BY SA 3.0

All I wanted was to send a parcel. Simple. Royal Mail can manage it. Even Yodel get it right now and again. But this was a disaster from beginning to end. I say end. It still hasn’t ended.

Yes, I sent the package and yes the package arrived, but that’s as far as it goes. My friend, who I sent the parcel to, confirms receiving a parcel, but can’t recall what was in it. I can’t remember what I sent. Why should I? And Sky claim to have no record of the whole transaction.

I tracked down the courier, but he doesn’t know what was in the package, and isn’t sure he even works for Sky. I got back in touch with my friend, but he is now refusing to take my calls. I called Sky again, and they told me everything is fine and not to worry about it.

I’m beginning to wish I’d just shoved the parcel up my bumhole and delivered it myself, whatever it was.