Review: Rapha men’s leather bib shorts

Review: Rapha men’s leather bib shorts

With generous front pouch and pre-oiled gusset these could be Rapha’s best shorts yet.

As a male rider, one problem I always have is my massive junk. It’s huge and difficult to manage in normal cycling shorts, where it looks like a family of voles trying to escape from a wet satin bag.

The enormous front end on these solved that problem straight away. There was even space for bars, gels, keys and a phone, in addition to my nads.

It goes without saying that the chamois is top quality. In fact, the whole thing is made from chamois, a hardy mountain goat renowned for its window cleaning properties.

The leather is thick, but precoated in an exclusive mineral oil collected from the chains of professional cyclists. This helps keeps things nice and supple and minimises squeaking, a common problem with cheaper leather bibs.

All in all £699 seems like a lot to spend on cycling shorts, but these are truly worth it, especially for the big balled.