Shrinkflation: Are UK bikes getting smaller?

Brexit bikes

As the pound weakens, prices rise and The Dead gather beyond The Wall, Britain’s bikes are shrinking, according to research.

“We compared bikes from before and after the EU referendum and found that, despite increasing prices, the newer models were all lighter. It’s classic shrinkflation.” said analyst Dan Archer.

“And the shocking thing is, the more you spend the worse it gets. Without fail, the most expensive bikes in our study were the lightest. It’s an absolute scandal.”

For people looking to buy a new bike now, Archer has this advice:

“Our advice to consumers looking for the best value is to buy the biggest heaviest bike they can.

“For many, it might even be worth buying several cheaper bikes, instead of one expensive bike which is likely to be smaller and lighter.”

However, the outlook isn’t all bad according to Archer. He believes there will be a period of adjustment after Brexit.

“As living standards decline, people will become smaller and weaker, like in the medieval times. As a result, these smaller, lighter bikes will become ideal, assuming the survivors can still afford them.”