London: cyclists and taxi drivers to observe one minute truce

Cyclist and London Taxis

The capital’s cyclists and taxi drivers are to defy the London attackers with a historic one minute truce.

“The horrific attacks at the weekend really put things into perspective for me. That’s why I’ve asked London’s cyclists and taxi drivers to stand together.” said cycling campaigner Janet Turnham.

“For one entire minute we will observe a truce: No close passes, no banging on windows and nobody calling anybody else a wanker.

“Just tolerance, respect and proper use of indicators.

“I originally proposed a whole day, then a morning, but we settled on a minute as the most realistic option.

“But for that minute we will put aside our differences and reflect on the things that unite us.

“After that, it’s business as usual.”

London cabby Trevor Barnett said, “The terrorists want to divide us, but we Londoners are better than that. Even so, it’s going to be a bloody long minute.”

The truce starts Tuesday at 11am.