L’Étape: Man likely to win “Tour of France” according to grandparents

L’Étape du Tour: Man likely to win “Tour of France”, according to grandparents

On the eve of L’Étape du Tour Dan Archer’s grandparents still refuse to accept that he is not competing in the actual Tour de France. Or the “Tour of France” as they insist on calling it.

Dan said “I tried explaining that if I were to play tennis near Wimbledon during the Wimbledon tennis tournament it doesn’t necessarily mean I’m in the Wimbledon tennis tournament.

“They just looked at me as if I’d gone out of my mind.

“So I asked them why last year, when I was playing in a 5-a-side football competition, they didn’t tell people I was in the World Cup. My grandad said ‘don’t be ridiculous Dan, football is a professional sport.’”

“I showed him the TV highlights to prove cycling is a real professional sport, but he just hit series record so he can spot me in the peloton”

“Now he watches every night and calls when he thinks he’s seen me, even though I’m at home and not actually in the Tour de France. I’m beginning to wonder if he’s taking the piss.”

“We’re so proud of Dan” said Dan’s grandmother Iris, “He’s trained so hard, he definitely deserves the yellow shirt.”