Froome and BMC: Rumour? Or desperate cry for help

Chris Froome Cry For Help

A dirty, disheveled Chris Froome has made a desperate cry for help, according to social media commentator and Froome fan, Dan Archer.

The recent report in L’Equipe, linking the Sky rider with a move to BMC, has been hotly denied by BMC, Sky and Chris Froome himself. But Archer believes there is more to it.

Much more.

“Think about it. Why would he deny it if it wasn’t true? I’ll tell you why: because they forced him. He made that statement under duress.

“This all started back in May when Chris was run off the road. Think about it. How could he get run off the road? There’s only one car behind Chris on a training ride: the team car.

“No. I believe Chris wanted out. He opened a channel to BMC, and obviously his bosses weren’t happy.

“Clearly this was no random road rage incident. It was a message from the management: you can never leave us.”

The day before the L’Equipe article was published, Team Sky posted a seemingly innocent video on Twitter. But according to Archer, there is more to it.

Much more.

“It looks like a regular promotion with team members saying their bit. But watch a few more times, maybe 50 or a 100, and it starts looking strange.

“Why is Chris so dirty? Why is he in a desert? Why are his clothes ripped? In fact, what is he even wearing? Are they prison overalls? But the real kicker is about 12 seconds in, when he clearly asks for help.”

Twelve seconds into the video a hunted looking Chris Froome pleads, “Show your support like never before.”

“I think it’s obvious he’s asking me to rescue him.” said Archer, preparing a backpack and supplies.

“I’ve been watching the Dauphiné closely, waiting for Chris to send me a coded sign. I’m ready to save you Chris. I’m coming for you.”

Archer is posting updates under the hashtag #SaveChrisFroome, which is yet to trend.