Exciting new bollard planned for middle of bike lane

Council planning new bollard for middle of bike lane

Town planners have revealed plans for an exciting new obstacle in the middle of a bike lane.

“We believe cycle lanes should be inclusive: a place to walk prams, a place to park cars, a place to stack unused paving stones. It’s a bold vision.” said Chief Planner Geoff Bridges.

“Luckily bicycles are very narrow. This allows us to introduce a range of obstacles safe in the knowledge that cyclists will be able to navigate them.

“But occasionally cycle lanes should be reserved just for cyclists, and that’s when we bring out the bollards.

“A well placed bollard can cause maximum confusion — and confusion is the town planner’s greatest weapon

“Visibility is also an important consideration. We don’t want it to stand out too much and ruin the environment. Here we’ve chosen a cast iron heritage model. It’s almost visible by day, while after dark cyclists will instinctively sense it’s ample presence.”

“All in all, we believe this is a great new feature for the city’s cyclists, and we hope it will give more people the confidence to get out there and ride.”