This driver just found his indicators for the first time and the result is ADORABLE!

This driver just found his INDICATORS for the very first time, and the result is ADORABLE!

Geoff Bridges, 62, just discovered his blinkies for the first time ever, and the result is just adorable!

“I had no idea these even existed and I’ve been driving for over 30 years!” said Bridges, who found the magical lights by accident.

“I noticed that the squirty water stick also made these pretty arrow lights on the dashboard blink. It’s easy: you just push the stick up for a lefty arrow and down for a righty arrow.

“It also makes a relaxing tick tock sound. Tick tock tick tock tick tock. I’m so sleepy.”

Bridges soon realised that these blinky lights might be more than just a decoration.

“Just for fun, I started making the blinkies blink when I was about to do a turn. And that’s when I noticed something weird happening.”

What Bridges noticed was that when he activated the lights, people outside the car seemed to anticipate his manoeuvre before he made it.

“At first I assumed it was telepathy,” reasoned Bridges, “but it turns out there are also blinkies on the outside of the car!

“After a while I stopped using them randomly, and now I use them to tell to people when I’m about to turn, pull out or overtake” said Bridges, now 63.

He believes his discovery could change driving forever.

“It’s madness that blinkies aren’t standard. I think it’s about time every car had a system like this.”