Brailsford calls snap Tour de France

brailsford snap tour
Composite: Bigstock / @ruby_roubaix

SIR DAVID BRAILSFORD has stunned the cycling world by calling a snap Tour de France.

“Dave thinks that what cycling needs now is a strong and stable Team Sky.” said Gary, an unnamed source close to the Team Sky principal.

“Dave believes the only way to achieve that is an early Tour.”

It’s been a tough year for Team Sky. Investigations into the mystery package still rumble on and their blurred relationship with British Cycling is under scrutiny.

However, Gary denies this influenced the decision.

“Dave said this is about taking the initiative. He said people are sick of cyclists competing the whole time. What they really want is one strong and stable team to win everything.

“He was very passionate about it. I think he was actually shouting. But to be fair, we’d had a few pints by then.” Gary confirmed.

While a snap Tour would need the agreement of organisers ASO, Brailsford is bullish about his decision.

“Dave reckons, at the end of the day no Tour is better than a bad Tour, but a snap Tour is better than no Tour, or a bad Tour. I think that’s what he said. It seemed to make sense last night.”

This morning, the entire Sky team unanimously and simultaneously tweeted their support for Brailsford’s decision.